Hey There, I’m so happy you’re considering getting support. I'm sure this wasn't easy.  You may be feeling discouraged, defeated, and frustrated but you’re tired of being tired and know that it’s time to try something different.  It's time to, at least, TRY therapy.

Maybe that’s because you’re in a relationship where you and your partner have drifted apart.  You rarely experience emotional or physical intimacy and you're sick of living like roommates.

Perhaps there’s been betrayal in the relationship and you’re wondering if you can ever repair the damage that’s been done.  You feel shame, regret, guilt, but, most of all, confusion about what to do next.  You wonder if the relationship can be saved, but you’re not ready to give up.

Or maybe you’re a woman who is struggling with her sexuality because of trauma, shame, or lack of experience.  You long for a healthy, satisfying, pleasure-filled sex-life but you’re not sure if it’s possible for you.

The good news is it can all get better.  
And you don’t have to go this alone.  
I will support you.

At your initial session, we'll start by discussing what has brought you to therapy and how you want your life to be different, how you will know that it’s different.  We’ll begin to create a clear vision of the life you’re working towards.

I will provide you with a safe space for you to begin to process all the emotions are causing you distress, confusion, and pain.  We’ll sort through all the trauma, blocks, and limits keeping you from having the life you desire.

If you’re willing to invest in your healing you will set the process in motion and little by little the pain, frustration, and conflict will begin to subside. 

Therapy works if you work the therapy and you will have my support to move through it all.

If you’re ready to begin working towards the life you desire—the life you deserve then call me today at 281.849.9914 or click HERE to book your session online. 

It will be a privilege to assist your growth & healing.

Your Favorite Therapist,

Eliza G. Boquin, MA, LMFT